On Friday, NJ GOP Chair Tom Wilson released the following statement about Corzine’s acknowledgement that Christmas tree budget add-ons were undeserving and frivolous:

?Governor Corzine has virtually unlimited executive authority when it comes to implementing the budget. He can freeze appropriations, impound them, or reduce them as he sees fit. If he believes that there are ?frivolous? line items or waste in this budget, he should stand up and prevent taxpayer money from being squandered. It?s bad enough that he didn?t use his line item veto to rid the budget of pork, but now that he?s had the time to review all the details and admits there is waste, he has no excuse not to act to protect the taxpayer.

“It?s simply indefensible to acknowledge that money is being wasted on frivolous expenditures, but do nothing when he has the power to prevent it.

“The Governor would send a strong message to everyone if he stood up and impounded spending he believed to be frivolous. We have $2 billion hole in the budget. There?s no reason to wait. Start saving money now, by cutting pork out of this budget.

“Jon Corzine says he wants to change the process and the culture. It?s time for Jon Corzine to do more than pay lip service to reform.?

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