On a local radio program this morning Atlantic County Clerk Ed McGettigan jokingly asked if the radio host would ?bail him out? for baseless remarks he made in response to the fact-based campaign being waged by Michele Verno.

?There?s no bailing out McGettigan?s record of incompetence and mismanagement,? said Verno. ?His office is being bailed out on a daily basis with his office on course to lose $2 million this year alone.?

?Despite his office losing money, McGettigan has refused to cut his office salaries and he increased his budget by over $500,000 in the past three years alone,? said Verno. ?Doesn?t McGettigan realize that in these dire economic times everyone ? even his clerk?s office ? has to cut back to make ends meet? Apparently he isn?t required to cut back the way everyone else has to do.?

Records obtained from McGettigan?s Office show that he has lost over $1.8 million in revenue in 2011 alone and is on course to lose over $2 million by year?s end. Despite this loss in revenue, McGettigan still found a way to increase his office salary, give his staff 3-day weekends and maintain taxpayer funded cars racking up almost 70,000 miles in one year alone.

?In the worst economic recession in memory with his office?s revenues down over $2.3 million since taking office, McGettigan managed to still increase his salary costs since taking office,? Verno said. ?McGettigan is making Jon Corzine look like an expert financial planner.?

?When you lose money and the taxpayers have to come in to bail you out, it?s called a bailout. Plain and simple. Maybe McGettigan should have been tightening his belt instead of increasing salaries and reducing his office?s work week to 4 days.?

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