May 30, 2007

With a candor that is rare in political candidates today, Atlantic County Sheriff Jim McGettigan informed local talk show host Pinky Kravitz and his listeners that County Executive Dennis Levinson, was doing a “good job” and that he was opposing Levinson for his own “selfish” reasons.

“McGettigan should withdraw from the race then,” said Atlantic County Republican Committee Chairman Keith Davis. McGettigan clearly knows that he cannot do better job in managing the county than Dennis Levinson, and McGettigan is putting his interests above the needs of the public.”

McGettigan made his comments as guest on “Pinky’s Corner” radio talk show on May 25. When questioned by Pinky about Levinson, McGettigan stated that “Mr. Levinson has done a good job. I would never say anything to the contrary.” When asked by Kravitz why he was seeking to be County Executive, McGettigan’s unenthusiastic response lacked both substance and vision: “Well, it’s like a career change for a lot of people. You move on for your own selfish reasons.”

Davis stated that he was pleased that McGettigan recognized the excellent job that County Executive Levinson has done.

“The Sheriff’s comments were clear and unambiguous,” Davis said. “They are not taken out of context and reflect what the taxpayers in Atlantic County already know – This county is very well run, thanks to Dennis Levinson.”

Davis noted that Atlantic County has had seven perfect annual audits in a row. The county tax rate has declined every year Levinson has been in office to its lowest rate ever. County spending is well below the state average. Levinson implemented more than $60 million in transportation improvements and tripled the amount of open space acquired for preservation. Atlantic County has been declared the greenest county in New Jersey because of the renewable energy and conservation programs it has implemented.

“Dennis Levinson’s record is unbeatable and McGettigan knows it,” said Davis. “Since McGettigan can’t offer the voters of Atlantic County any reason why he is running for county executive other than a boost in his salary, he should step aside now.”


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