McGettigan Skips Debate

Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson today expressed his disappointment over the decision by his opponent, Sheriff Jim McGettigan, to cancel his appearance at a public forum before the Chelsea Neighborhood Association in Atlantic City.

?It?s very unfortunate that McGettigan has decided to deny the citizens an opportunity to learn directly his ideas for county government,? Levinson said. ?His action also deprives the people of the ability to hear the differences between us as they arrive at a determination about which of us they will support. That?s what campaigns and elections are all about.?

Levinson said he?s also learned that McGettigan has cancelled a planned radio debate on the Pinky Kravitz show, asserting that the show?s host had endorsed Levinson.

?There is simply no truth whatever to his claim,? Levinson said. ?It?s nothing but a phony cover to wiggle out from under the debate.?

?His last-minute cancellations are an affront to the groups or individuals who extended the debate invitations and who fully expected him to appear once he accepted,? Levinson said.

?I will appear at these debates; I will offer my platform and my qualifications for re-election, and I will answer citizen questions on any topic they choose,? Levinson said. ?McGettigan?s refusal to appear can only mean he?s unwilling to do the same.?

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