Atlantic County Republican chairman Keith A. Davis said today that Sheriff Jim McGettigan?s decision to pull his campaign ads off the air ?is his admission of guilt that the ads were deliberately false and misleading and were intended to try to convince voters that he is a fiscally responsible public official.?

Davis last week sent letters to the radio stations broadcasting the McGettigan ads, demanding they be taken off the air and pointing out that the Sheriff claimed that he never increased his departmental budget and that he ?never raised it one dime.?

?The undisputed fact of the matter is, when he was elected in 1994, the Department?s budget was $5.8 million and this year, it is $10.7 million — a 100 per cent increase,? Davis said. ?McGettigan is entitled to his own opinion, but he is not entitled to his own facts.?

?By his action in removing the ads from the air, he has publicly conceded his claims were false,? Davis said. ?He knew it when he taped the ads, he knew it when he bought the air time, he knew it when they were broadcast, but he went ahead with his campaign of untruths anyway. Only when challenged did he pull it off the air.?

?It?s encouraging that the Sheriff has finally taken the time to learn the amount of his Department?s budget since last year he was unable to answer when asked about it,? Davis said. ?Apparently, however, he was unable to figure out that $10 million is more than $5 million.?



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