Voters looking for a county executive who is a whiz with math probably won?t be choosing Jim McGettigan this fall, Keith Davis, Atlantic County Republican Chairman, said today.

?The biggest responsibility for the county executive is managing every penny in the county?s $169 million budget,? said Davis. ?However, McGettigan can?t even keep track of the dollars in his own budget as sheriff.?

Jim McGettigan, currently the Atlantic County Sheriff, said in a radio interview that his office?s budget is $3 million. In fact, the Sheriff Office budget is $10 million.

?How does McGettigan not know what his own budget is? It?s even a simple round number which should be easy to remember,? said Davis. ?He is obviously not paying attention to the details of his department. If he can?t keep his numbers straight now, how does he expect to manage a budget 17 times larger??

Davis pointed out that under the fiscal management of County Executive Dennis Levinson the county has received eight consecutive perfect audits. Each audit was conducted by independent auditors.

?Denny Levinson is the Cal Ripken and Joe DiMaggio of fiscal policy,? said Davis. ?Year after year, Dennis Levinson consistently crafts a budget that is taxpayer friendly to the point where the budget now includes the lowest tax rate in county history, a healthy surplus, virtually no debt and doesn?t sacrifice vital county services. That is because Dennis Levinson pays attention to the details of his job and to the needs of the public.

?If Jim McGettigan isn?t sure how much he is spending now, the taxpayers of this county are going to get hit with huge tax increases if he becomes county executive,? said Davis.


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