McGettigan Gagged by Political Handlers

August 2, 2007

Atlantic County Republican chairman Keith A. Davis said today that the refusal of County Sheriff and Democrat candidate for county executive Jim McGettigan to talk to reporters ?is an unmistakable signal that his political handlers are fearful that he will continue to utter outrageous and ill-informed comments which demonstrate his failure to understand government and its functions.?

?Following a series of statements which embarrassed his party and his candidacy, it?s obvious that McGettigan?s been gagged,? Davis said. ?His latest refusal to speak with a reporter for New Jersey Network about his campaign is only the start of his close-mouthed strategy.?

?From not knowing the size of his department?s budget, to denying he was acquainted with an attorney representing the Sheriff?s department, to suggesting that Democrat freeholders were tricked into supporting the county budget, McGettigan has shown he is woefully inadequate to the task of heading county government,? Davis said.

?Further, his actions display an arrogance toward county residents and taxpayers as well,? Davis said, ?because a refusal to talk with the media and respond to questions is the equivalent of a refusal to talk with the people whose support he is seeking.?

?It?s little more than three months until Election Day and the Democrat candidate for the top position in county government has gone into hiding and apparently intends to stay there,? Davis said.

?When it comes time for McGettigan to debate County Executive Dennis Levinson, will he stand up or will he dodge questions again,? Davis asked.


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