McGettigan & Callaway: A Longstanding Partnership

?Sheriff Jim McGettigan?s desperation campaign tactics — including make totally false claims in his radio advertisements — raise suspicions that he will turn to the discredited and corrupt Callaway organization for its help and support as he has done in the past,? Atlantic County Republican chairman Keith A. Davis said today.

?McGettigan has embraced Craig Callaway, describing him as ?his brother,? officiating at his swearing-in ceremony, campaigning with him, and accepting his support,? Davis said. ?Even though Callaway is currently serving a sentence in a Federal prison, the remnants of the organization he once ran remain and it is likely that the Sheriff will turn to it for help.?

The Callaway group was responsible for manipulating the absentee ballot system to influence elections and, in some cases, change the outcomes, on behalf of their favored candidates.

?McGettigan?s association with the Callaway group is well known, documented repeatedly in news stories and photos,? Davis said. ?Does he, in the final days of his campaign, anticipate seeking its assistance yet again??

?He?s clearly desperate,? the chairman said, ?so much so that he has lied in his radio ads about his abuse of the county?s gasoline credit card and about his department?s budget.?

?A candidate this desperate may well be driven to additional measures — like asking for help from a corrupt group like the Callaways,? he said.



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