McDevitt Wins Freeholder Seat

November 7, 2007

Republican Joe McDevitt has won the Atlantic County At-Large Freeholder seat, defeating incumbent Democrat Joe Kelly by a vote of 26,376 to 25,735.

?The voters of Atlantic County spoke out loudly ? they want their county government local, clean, and fiscally prudent,? said McDevitt. ?No Camden County influence, no more messenger ballot abuse, and low taxes and controlled government spending. That was my message, and it certainly resonated with the people.?

McDevitt began his campaign by pledging to donate all of his first year salary to local charitable organizations countywide and foregoing his pension as a freeholder.

?There should be a personalized connection between the Board of Freeholders and the community. I will lead by example in my conduct and in my voting record on behalf the citizens of Atlantic County,? said McDevitt.


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