McDevitt to Donate Salary and Forgo Pension if Elected

Saying it?s not about the money, Republican Freeholder at Large candidate Joe McDevitt announced today he has pledged to donate all of his first year salary to local charitable organizations countywide and will forgo his pension as a freeholder if he is selected in November.

?I am running to serve the people of Atlantic County,? said McDevitt, who is currently a teacher at Atlantic City High School. ?I want to keep cutting our tax rate and continue building upon the sound fiscal policies of our county government. I also want to personalize the connection between the Board of Freeholders and the community.?

McDevitt cited the thousands of hours of his time he has donated to local youth organizations, charitable organizations, and non profit events as an example of the style of representation he will bring to the Freeholder Board.

?It gets exhausting reading in the newspaper and hearing on the radio about the number of people who run for office or get appointments just to pad their pensions,? said McDevitt. ?I am not running for freeholder for the salary or the pension. I do not need any monetary incentive to be a public servant.

?Somewhere along the line, some people got their priorities mixed up. Elected officials are supposed to give to the community, not the other way around,? said McDevitt. ?I have experienced firsthand the difference personal attention makes to a kid, for example. As a freeholder, I will give my personal attention to senior citizens, casino employees, homemakers, farmers, and any other member of the community. Governing means service, and I have a lot of experience in putting community needs first.?


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