McDevitt: Kelly Ad Completely False

Joe McDevitt, Republican candidate for the at large seat on the Atlantic County Board of Freeholders, today blasted his opponent for ?violating virtually every concept of truth in advertising? by claiming in his television commercials that he?s a supporter of casino industry workers.

?Joe Kelly?s commercials are thirty-second exercises in blatant falsehoods,? McDevitt. ?There?s not a shred of truth in his claims and to avoid being labeled an out and out liar, he should take them off the air.?

McDevitt has sent a letter to the management of TV 40 outlining the false statements in the ad and formally requested the station halt broadcasting it. (Copy of the letter attached).

McDevitt said the truth about Kelly?s record is as follows:

? He crossed the picket lines during the Local 54 strike in 2005 to go to work at the Tropicana.

? He failed to march with the Local 54 workers.

? He was spotted crossing the picket lines wearing a disguise to avoid being recognized.

? He failed to issue any public comment upon the closing of the Sands Hotel and Casino and the loss of union jobs it caused.

? He voiced concern back in June when layoffs occurred at the Tropicana, but remained close-mouthed as 100 additional workers were fired there.

?The hard, cold fact is that Joe Kelly crossed picket lines set up on behalf of the rights and benefits of some 16,000 workers,? McDevitt said. ?He failed miserably to support his fellow union workers. He continued to collect a paycheck while his fellow union members lost theirs.?

?Now, as he seeks office, he has attempted through television commercials to claim he supports the casino workers,? McDevitt said. ?If his record is any indication of his support, the union can do without it. The ad is a lie and should be taken off the air.?


Oct. 15, 2007

Ron Smith, General Manager,
NBC News 40

Dear Mr. Smith:

NBC News 40 is currently airing a political advertisement by Atlantic County Freeholder Joseph Kelly in which he makes the claim that he is and has been a friend and supporter of employees of Atlantic City?s hotel casino industry.

His public record and his actions during a labor dispute within the industry in 2005 directly contradict his advertising claim. By this communication, I am requesting that NBC News 40 cease airing Kelly?s advertisements because they are untruthful and an attempt to falsely portray himself to the voters of Atlantic County as someone concerned with the well-being of working people.

The truth of the matter is that Kelly crossed legally established picket lines during the labor dispute two years ago, failed to join fellow union members on the line, and actually was witnessed wearing a disguise to hide his identity when he crossed the line.

In light of his actions, his advertisement is blatantly false and its sole purpose is to mislead people into ignoring his record.

By removing it from your broadcasts, you can reinforce your beliefs in honesty and truth in the process and render a valuable service to your viewers.

I will await your response.


Joe McDevitt

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