Freeholder Joe McDevitt issued the following statement on Wednesday:

?In my race for Freeholder last year, I prioritized the need to reform our absentee ballot process in order to ensure the integrity of our elections. But in yesterday?s primary, it just seems to be more of the same old games coming out of Atlantic City and it must end.

There were too many irregularities in the printing of and reading of absentee ballots yesterday, and that warrants a full investigation into how the County Clerk worked or did not work with the other Election Offices, including the Superintendent of Elections and the Board of Elections, in this primary as well as the procedure for doing so in future elections.

In addition, I am particularly concerned by the manner in which absentee ballots were printed by the County Clerk so that they couldn?t be read electronically on election night. I believe we need to examine the printing of the County Clerk?s name on the sample ballot and compare that to previous election cycles. Finally, I believe the County Clerk needs to answer why a secret drawing was not held for ballot positions this year as it has been done in previous years.

It is my hope that a public hearing on these issues will help restore integrity in our elections process and make certain that there are no irregularities in the voting process this fall.?

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