McCain Wins Atlantic County Straw Poll

January 26, 2008

Atlantic County Republicans declared Senator John McCain as their preference for President of the United States in the New Jersey Republican primary following a straw poll vote this morning. McCain beat Mayor Rudy Giuliani by a 2-1 margin.

?John McCain?s win here in Atlantic County gives him tremendous momentum in New Jersey as he heads into the February 5 primary,? said County Republican Party Chairman Keith Davis, who endorsed Senator McCain last year. ?In a field of quality Republican candidates, John McCain stands out as a principled conservative who is best equipped to take on Hillary Clinton in the fall.?

“The dangerous times in which we live require proven leadership,” said McCain?s New Jersey State Chairman and State Senator Bill Baroni, who addressed Atlantic County Republicans on behalf of Senator McCain before the straw poll vote. “John McCain is the only candidate with the national security experience, record of reform and courage needed to serve as commander in chief from day one.”

Representatives for Governor Mitt Romney, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Congressman Ron Paul and Governor Mike Huckabee also made presentations at the meeting.

For more information on John McCain?s campaign or to volunteer, visit or call 609-677-0707 for a yard sign or bumper sticker.

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