LoBiondo Voices Support for Israel

U.S. Representative Frank A. LoBiondo (NJ-02) issued the following statement in support of the state of Israel during the current conflict with the terrorist organization Hamas.

?The current conflict is a direct result of Hamas? decision to break the ceasefire agreement and relentlessly engage in violent rocket attacks on civilian targets from areas relinquished by Israel in their ongoing efforts to achieve a peaceful compromise. The responsibility to end the violence is on Hamas to stop the terrorist attacks and work in good faith towards a resolution,? said LoBiondo, a member of the House Republican Israel Caucus. ?The U.S. and Israel have long been close allies, and those regional issues that threaten Israel, threaten American interests. I will continue to stand strong with Israel in support of their right to defend its citizens and territory.?

Throughout his career, LoBiondo has consistently voted in support of Israel?s right to protect itself.


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