LoBiondo Applauds Passage of Hurricane Sandy Emergency Supplemental Funding

Combined with Previously-Approved $9.7 Billion, House Fully Funds $60 Billion Request to Help New Jersey Rebuild

WASHINGTON, D.C. ? After blasting the House leadership for failing to allow consideration of an aid package in the final days of the 112th Congress, U.S. Representative Frank A. LoBiondo (NJ-02) today applauded the passage of the full $60 billion emergency supplemental funding requested by New Jersey-New York-Connecticut to rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. In a 241 to 180 vote, the House approved the final $50 billion after passing the initial $9.7 billion for the National Flood Insurance Program on January 4th.

?Months after residents, businesses and communities in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut were devastated by Hurricane Sandy, the House has approved the critical federal assistance needed to rebuild. While almost over, the delays South Jersey residents witnessed by Washington are inexcusable and unacceptable. A disaster means a disaster ? not an opportunity to change midstream the process by which the government responds. Compassion and cooperation must not be blocked by politics and personal prerogatives. The hurt, the suffering and the need to recover are real and, finally, South Jersey can rebuild,? said LoBiondo. ?I appreciate and applaud my colleagues in the New Jersey and New York delegations, as well as Governors Christie and Cuomo, for uniting in this fight for what our communities desperately needed and deserve.?

The House-passed package crafted by the New Jersey & New York delegations stripped out the extraneous spending directed to states not affected by the storm that was included in the original Senate-passed bill of the 112th Congress. The new legislation is now sent to the Senate for its approval.

Prior to the votes, LoBiondo went to the House floor twice to voice his support for the full Sandy aid package and to blast his colleagues from disaster-prone areas who were seeking to prevent the federal aid from reaching affected communities in New Jersey.

Information for South Jersey residents affected by Hurricane Sandy can be found on and to LoBiondo?s website.


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