The Linwood Republican Club (LRC) held its annual Reorganization meeting at Linwood Country Club on Thursday, February 2, 2017.  The event, an introduction to the 2017 Board of Directors, attracted its largest crowd in quite some time.  Of note, former councilman Bill Rainscuk (the LRC’s most experienced member) came out to support the new Board members.

Assemblyman Chris Brown made his first formal Republican Club appearance as Senate Candidate Chris Brown and gave some encouraging and energizing remarks.  County Executive (and LRC member) Dennis Levinson came out to support his local club and took the opportunity to inform the members of the State of the County and the issues we will be facing this year.  Mayor and municipal leader Richard DePamphillis also provided his insight on the state of affairs in our region.  Finally, County Republican Chairman (and LRC member) Keith Davis commented on the function of County Committee members in the Republican organization.

“It was a great start to the year,” said 2017 President Adam Walcoff.  “I was optimistic before the meeting, but did not expect this large of a turnout.   We have a fantastic Board in place and are riding a wave of momentum.  With so many new faces, returning members and our County/District’s top elected officials addressing the Club – I am extremely excited about what we will be able to do moving forward.”

The LRC’s next meeting is one of its most important.  On Thursday March 2, 2017, the Club will invite candidates running for office to address the membership and provide reasons why each will make the best candidate for their respective positions.  The County Convention is 6 weeks away and this meeting will give LRC members the opportunity to screen the candidates and make decisions as to which they will support for office.

The next LRC meeting is Thursday, March 2, 2017 at Linwood Country Club 6:30 pm