Levinson Accomplishments

Fiscal Responsibility: Cut the county tax rate to records
low. Achieved eight perfect audits in a row.

Transportation Improvements: Completed more than $55 million
in highway infrastructure improvements since Levinson became County Executive.

Environment: Established a reputation for Atlantic County
as the ?Greenest County in New Jersey.? Recognized by the National Association
of Counties as the winner of its prestigious Sustainable Communities Award.
This award is given to the most effective and innovative counties in developing
environmentally safe communities.

Open Space Preservation: Tripled the amount of Open Space
the county acquired during his tenure as County Executive.

Veterans Services: Established Atlantic County?s first Office
of Veterans Services.

Senior Citizens: Implemented a pilot program to assist senior
citizens in remaining independent and living at home for as long as practical.

Reduced Inmate Recidivism: Implemented a model program at the Atlantic County
Justice Facility that reduced the number of inmates that return to the jail
by nearly 60 percent.

Police Defibrillator Program: The first county in New Jersey
to implement a Police Emergency Defibrillator program. This program placed a
portable defibrillator in all police vehicles in Atlantic County. Since police
are among the first to respond to emergencies involving cardiac arrests, this
program has saved 23 lives in Atlantic County.

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