Joe McDevitt, Republican candidate for the at large seat on the Atlantic County Board of Freeholders, today accused his Democrat opponent of ?once more peddling misinformation about his record in an effort to deceive the voters.?

?A recent campaign flier from Democrat Freeholder Joe Kelly charges the county budget contains wasteful spending, even though he not only supported the budget but bragged about how hard he worked on it,? McDevitt said.

?When questioned last July at a Board meeting, Kelly boasted of his work on the budget committee, described how hard he worked on it, and how proud he was of the final product,? McDevitt said. ?Now, in his campaign for re-election, he is critical of what he calls wasteful spending and high property taxes.?

?He can?t have it both ways — he can?t claim credit for a good budget and four months later criticize it,? the Republican said. ?Kelly should be embarrassed by his own campaign literature. Either he didn?t bother to read it before it was distributed or he?s comfortable with the untruths in it.?

McDevitt said that several months ago, County Sheriff Jim McGettigan, a member of Kelly?s own party, said Kelly had been ?hoodwinked? into supporting the budget, a claim which Kelly denied while bragging about his role in developing it.

?The fact of the matter is that the county tax rate — under Republican leadership and control of the Board — is at the lowest level in history,? McDevitt said. ?Independent audits have given the county outstanding reports on fiscal practices and policies.?

?Kelly?s attempts to portray himself as something he is not are nothing new,? McDevitt said. ?His television commercials claim he is a friend of organized labor, but his actions during last year?s strike against the casino hotel industry tell a vastly different story — one of crossing the picket lines, refusing to stand with his fellow union members on the lines, taking a paycheck while they were losing theirs, and failing to speak up to protest the massive layoffs in the industry.?

?No amount of false and deceptive advertising can change Kelly?s record,? McDevitt said. ?He?s shown he cannot be trusted to be truthful and talk straight with the voters. Taxpayers simply can?t afford Kelly serving another term on the Board and they certainly can?t accept his phony claims, excuses and alibis about his actions.?

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