The Mike Donohue-Frank Conrad Assembly campaign asks: What is Milam doing? Matt Milam’s reaction when he heard that Cumberland County was not being awarded a single dollar of stimulus money: “I was like, ‘Whoa.'”

Now, Milam admits that he had no idea what was happening with the stimulus money until he read about it in the newspaper. “I should have known before hand,” Milam confessed to the Press of Atlantic City today.

Yes, Assemblyman, you should have known. You should have been calling DOT every day and fighting for South Jersey.

“After more than a year in the State House, Matt, you still don’t know how this works?” Donohue asks. “South Jersey has been getting the short end of the stick for generations. We are not likely to make any progress with an Assemblyman who reads about things in the paper that he should know about weeks before. This is another example of a complete lack of leadership by Milam and the rest of the Corzine Democrats. Property tax rebates eliminated – Whoa! Property tax deduction erased – Whoa! Shore protection funding cut – Whoa! Tourism funding cut – Whoa! This is unacceptable.”

“We don’t elect Assemblymen to just tag along and show up at testimonial dinners,” Conrad says. “We elect them to do the hard work, to be informed, to fight for us. Matt Milam is now trying to unring the bell that he couldn’t hear ringing as the Corzine administration was deciding to stick it to South Jersey again. Leaders fight for their constituents’ interests. Milam reads about it in a newspaper. We need to say Whoa! to Matt Milam and the rest of the Corzine Democrats.”


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