Campaign contribution reports released this week confirm where Jim Whelan?s loyalties lie ? with Camden County.

?When Camden County political boss George Norcross is giving away money, Jim Whelan was first in line. When Atlantic County needed Jim Whelan to save our jobs, Jim Whelan was nowhere to be found,? said Keith Davis, Atlantic County Republican Chairman.

The Leaders Fund, a political action committee based in Camden County and controlled by George Norcross, paid Jim Whelan $8,200 in December and another $16,400 within the last month.

?Time and time again, the people of Atlantic County asked Whelan for help: to keep the casinos open; for a complete ban on smoking in the casinos; for a permanent protection against closing the casinos; and for true absentee ballot reform. But Jim Whelan never listened to us,? said Davis. ?Now people can clearly see why. He owes his job and political future to someone who has no interest in helping Atlantic County. ?

Davis pointed out that while ignoring the needs of Atlantic County, Whelan did vote to support $187 million in special aid that helps Camden City, $3.4 million for the port of Camden, $1.7 million for the Camden County Prosecutor, $250,000 for the Camden Eye Center, and $50,000 for Camden County Veterans? Transportation Services.

?Why can?t Atlantic County get that money? Our towns need tax relief. Our veterans could use some more help,? said Davis. ?Whelan gets contributions from Camden County. Camden County gets Whelan?s vote. Atlantic County gets nothing. If Jim Whelan wants to represent Camden County so badly, he should just move there.?


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