Jim McGettigan: God Bless Craig Callaway

Atlantic County Republican chairman Keith A. Davis said today ?its past time for Sheriff Jim McGettigan to reveal the extent of his personal, political and financial ties to convicted felon Craig Callaway.?

The following, Davis said, are questions McGettigan has consistently dodged, but which demand responses:

? How deep was his involvement with Callaway in helping to rig last year?s Atlantic County Democrat convention which nominated his brother for County Clerk?

? Did money change hands to assist Callaway in stacking the convention with Callaway people to support his brother?

? If financial help was involved, how much was it, who was responsible for delivering it, what was the source of the money, and was it reported as required by law?

? What promises were made by Callaway to support the county clerk nominee in return for the Sheriff officiating at Callaway?s swearing-in ceremony as City Council President?

? Just what did the Sheriff mean by publicly saying, ?God Bless Craig Callaway. He?s my brother.??

? Why did the Sheriff campaign with Callaway in Atlantic City and later deny it by saying it was a coincidence, they were at the same place at the same time talking to the same people?

? Does the Sheriff have any information about the $35,000 in payroll checks Atlantic County Democrats paid to the Callaway organization to work on behalf of Jim Whelan?s 2005 campaign?

? What does McGettigan know about Callaway?s abuse of the absentee ballot system?

? Is McGettigan aware of any backroom deals involving Jim Whelan watering down his absentee ballot legislation at the request of indicted Assemblyman Mims Hackett, which could only have benefited members of the Callaway regime?

? Can McGettigan shed any light on a $1,500 campaign contribution to Assemblyman Jim Whelan that came from the same man who bribed Craig Callaway and who is currently serving a federal prison sentence for cocaine trafficking?

?These questions deserve clear and unambiguous responses from McGettigan,? Davis said. ?He, his brother and the entire Atlantic County Democrat Party welcomed Callaway, accepted his support, used him in campaigns to distort election outcomes through questionable use of absentee ballots and set land speed records running away from him when he was indicted for taking bribes.?

?I suggest the Sheriff come out of hiding, quit canceling debate appearances after accepting them, and answer these questions,? the chairman said. ?Like it or not, the specter of Callaway hangs over him and his party and they have a responsibility to respond to it.?

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