Hypocrisy Alert: Whelan Decries Acrimony, While His Party Boss Gets Acrimonious


Polistina challenges incumbent to stop hiding behind the party bosses, Defend his failed record of higher taxes and fewer jobs in AC & Trenton

Mocking the predictable good cop, bad cop routine by Senator Jim Whelan and Atlantic County Party Boss Pat D?Arcy in response to his Senate campaign announcement last night ? calling it typical political hypocrisy ? Assemblyman Vince Polistina challenged the incumbent to stop hiding behind the bosses and start personally defending his failed record of higher taxes, more spending, staggering debt and economic failure.

?Jim Whelan has run some of the nastiest, most vile campaigns in the history of Atlantic County, if not all of South Jersey, but now when I criticize his record as a public official he accuses me of being negative ? what hypocrisy,? said Polistina, who announced his candidacy for the State Senate last night before a packed room at the Farmington Fire House.

?The unfortunate fact of the matter is that there is no positive way to talk about Jim Whelan?s record in Trenton, where he was little more than a rubberstamp for Jon Corzine?s tax, spend and borrow agenda that helped to give New Jersey the highest taxes in the country, and one of the worst climates for business and job creation in all 50 states,? said Polistina. ?And it?s arguable that his greatest achievement as Mayor of Atlantic City was not leaving office in handcuffs like so many of his predecessors. While I applaud him for apparently steering clear of blatant corruption, he certainly didn?t do anything to reverse Atlantic City?s decline from a premier resort destination to a city teetering on the brink today.?

Polistina also challenged Whelan to stop launching attacks through local party boss Pat D?Arcy, while he pretends to be above the fray. D?Arcy sent out a mass email last night attacking Polistina and parroting the failed status quo talking points of Trenton Democrats.

?Jim Whelan is in Trenton because of millions of dollars in campaign cash supplied by political party bosses outside the county that was used to smear his past opponents,? said Polistina. ?Now, Whelan is using the local party boss as his attack dog against me so he doesn?t have to get his hands dirty. Voters are smarter than that. They see right through these political games. I challenge Jim Whelan to step out from behind the party bosses and debate the important issues directly with me. I will put my fiscally conservative record up against his liberal tax and spend record any day of the week.?


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