MAYS LANDING, N.J. – Already discredited by the Press of Atlantic City for falsely blaming Congressman Frank LoBiondo (NJ-02) for casino closures and job losses “despite Atlantic City’s gambling industry being regulated by state, and not federal, officials”(, Democrat Bill Hughes Jr. continues his negative campaign and false attacks regardless of media outlets and independent fact-checkers setting the record straight.


“Time and again accusations by Bill Hughes are proven false, yet he continues his negative attacks. Bill Hughes’ campaign is clearly a preview to the polarizing and partisan approach he will take if elected this November,” said Jason Galanes, spokesman for LoBiondo for Congress. “Baseless allegations and blatant distortions may be Bill Hughes strategy in a criminal court room, but it is not representative of South Jersey values and has no place in the U.S. Congress.”


In addition to the false claims in his television ad, below are other recent examples of Hughes further eroding all credibility by failing to tell the truth to South Jersey residents:

On Friday, September 26th, Hughes went on WPG 1450’s “Hurley in the Morning” to charge that LoBiondo had falsified a press release in June 2007 about securing $1 million for federal research and monitoring of mercury exposure to children in response to the Kiddie Kollege contamination in Franklin Township. Radio host Harry Hurley subsequently disproved Hughes’ claim and invited him back on his show on Monday, September 29th to correct the record. Hughes appeared on the show only to reaffirm the false claim to which Hurley played a C-SPAN clip from the floor of the House of Representatives from June 2007 to again discredit the claim. Hurley’s reporting for WPG 1450 below (audio available):


WPG 1450 Report Part 1 –


WPG 1450 Report Part 2 –

On Tuesday, September 23rd, in response to a news report in the Press of Atlantic City that LoBiondo announced more than $700,000 for local first responders, Hughes charged that LoBiondo was trying to take credit for the funding that New Jersey Senators Cory Booker and Robert Menendez had also announced in a press release. The Press subsequently reported that “the Congressman was among many who signed similar letters to the House Appropriations Committee urging funding of the COPS Program among others for fiscal years 2014 and 2015” and linked copies of the letters on their website.


Press of Atlantic City story –


Also on Tuesday, September 23rd in the same Press of Atlantic City article, Hughes charged that LoBiondo was again taking credit for former New Jersey Representative Rob Andrews’ work to block the U.S. Army from dumping treated VX nerve gas in the Delaware River in 2006. LoBiondo highlighted his successful work in a television ad ( LoBiondo and Andrews worked cooperatively on the effort, as chronicled in media reports and third-party press releases:


Philadelphia Inquirer story –
Associated Press story –
Delaware Riverkeepers press release –


In mailers to South Jersey households (attached), Hughes levels several charges against LoBiondo, all of which are not an accurate representation of the voting record. Most egregious is that LoBiondo “voted for a $15 billion cut in pay and pensions” to veterans benefits. This is a charge used by national Democrats in political races across the country despite calling this claim “Moldy Baloney About Vets’ Benefits” in their June 5, 2014 review. In truth, the legislation LoBiondo voted for “actually proposed a 5.4 percent increase in new spending authority for veterans’ benefits and services for fiscal year 2004” according to (



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