Help build the Reform Republican Momentum

Republican Momentum is building for a Big Victory In Atlantic County on November 2nd, but…

The Democrats are not going down without a fight. In their desperation, they have started using every one of the dirty tricks that made that party infamous.

Atlantic County deserves better than the Democrats? desperate campaign tactics. We need to work even harder in these last few days to ensure that not one of the Democrats who have engaged in this gutter politics wins on November 2nd.

One way to stop ugly politics is to reject it at every turn and Jim Curcio, Joe McDevitt and Rich Dase count on the fairness and decency of the good people of Atlantic County to do that next Tuesday.
The way to win is keep up our efforts and finish the job. We?ve done a lot this year but we need to do more.

Every minute you spend phone-banking, talking with neighbors, handing out literature and doing door-to-door campaigning for our ticket is keeping us on course for better, smarter and more efficient government that respects your voice and your vote.
Please get out this weekend and commit to win 5 more votes for our local Republicans, Jim Curcio for Surrogate, Joe McDevitt for Freeholder at large, and Rich Dase for Freeholder in the 4th District.

Call today to volunteer in our door-to-door efforts this weekend — (609) 677-0707.

Let?s finish the job and Atlantic County will be the big winner.

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