Assemblymen John Amodeo and Vince Polistina criticized Governor Corzine?s decision to fill a vacancy on the Casino Control Commission and described the move as ?business as usual.?

?There is no need to fill this vacancy on the commission nor will there be a need to fill the vacancy which will open up in August,? said Amodeo. ?The Casino Control Commission can operate effectively with three members. And as far as I know, there is no need for Sharon Harrington to leave the Motor Vehicle Commission.?

?It?s political patronage appointment pure and simple,? said Polistina. ?The governor has an opportunity to downsize government, but is choosing not to. He does not have to make the appointment, but, I guess he could not resist filling a $125,000 a year appointment. It?s just business as usual in Trenton.?

Amodeo and Polistina are arguing that the attrition of two members of the CCC ? one Democrat and one Republican- created the perfect opportunity for the governor to save the casino industry money. In fact, the CCC has been operating with only four members since last summer. While the governor could leave the seats vacant, the assemblymen are sponsoring A-4066, which would permanently reduce the membership of the Casino Control Commission from five to three.


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