Senator Sonny McCullough and Assembly Candidates John Amodeo and Vince Polistina called on Governor Corzine to hold town meetings on his proposal to sell New Jersey?s toll roads immediately, not after Election Day.

?We think the idea of selling our roads to private, foreign companies just plain stinks. But if the Governor wants to hear from the public, he should do it now and not after the election,? said McCullough.

Governor Corzine has said he would like to hold 21 town hall meetings with the public on his idea to sell the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, and the Expressway once the election is over.

?From day one, the Governor has been reluctant to fully disclose to whom he plans to sell our toll roads,? said Amodeo. ?Now he has the opportunity to share what?s on his mind with voters, and he simply won?t do it.?

?The voters need to know what his proposal is before November,? said Polisitina. ?The voters are going to the polls to elect every member of the Legislature and those members may have to vote on this proposal. The Governor needs to hold his public town meetings as soon as possible so the voters can make an informed decision this November.?

McCullough, Amodeo, and Polistina said the Governor?s action on this issues do not pass the smell test.

?If he thinks selling our toll roads is such a great idea for the state, wouldn?t he already be holding town meetings?? said McCullough.


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