Gov. Christie: ?When I Say I’m Going To Do Something, I Do It!?

Yesterday, Governor Chris Christie held a town hall in Denville, New Jersey, where he continued to talk about his plans to keep the Jersey Comeback moving forward, including a 10% across the board income tax cut for the hard working people of this state. As Trenton Democrats have learned over the past two years, when Governor Christie says he is going to do something, he does it.

That is the definition of leadership and it has turned Trenton upside down.

Please watch the videos below and be sure to share them with your family and friends on Facebook and Twitter. Also, encourage them to support Governor Christie and his common sense reforms that have ignited the Jersey Comeback!

Governor Chris Christie: When I Say I’m Going To Do Something, I Do It!


Governor Chris Christie: We’ve Turned Trenton Upside Down!



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