April 5, 2007

R. Norris Clark and Michael Donohue — Republican candidates for New Jersey General Assembly?s 1st District (including Somers Point, Buena Vista Township and Buena Borough) — vow to hold lawmakers in Trenton responsible for mismanagement and corruption that has led to sky-high property taxes and a multi-billion-dollar budget deficit.

Clark and Donohue join state Sen. Nicholas Asselta to form a conservative front against Democrats? out-of-control spending that has driven property tax rates to the highest in the nation and the state?s projected deficit to $2.5 billion.

?Under Democratic control, the state of New Jersey has been run into the ground and is teetering on bankruptcy,? Donohue said. ?Democrats must be held accountable by the voters.?

New Jersey?s property taxes are twice the national average. Taxes have increased by an average of 7 percent each year. The governor?s so-called tax relief is nothing but an election-year gimmick — too little, too late. Many average residents already have been forced out by the high cost of living in New Jersey.

?It?s getting so bad, they?re seriously considering selling our roads,? Clark said. ?The problem is not lack of revenue, but lack of financial discipline.?

The team of Asselta, Clark and Donohue will work hard to make living in New Jersey more affordable for all residents.

?These gentlemen are committed to work, motivated like I have not seen in a long time and very able to effectively make their case,? said David I. Von Savage, chairman of the Cape May County Regular Republican Organization.

Donohue, 39, is a sole practitioner attorney who lives in Dennis Township. Clark, 49, of Lower Township, is director of sales and marketing for the Morey Organization and a former national spokesman for Ross Perot?s grassroots movement.

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