GOP Will Take Corzine to Court Force Disclosure of Emails Discussing Public Business

MAY 23, 2007

NY Times Story Suggests Corzine Bought Katz?s Silence

–GOP Will Take Corzine To Court to Force Disclosure of Emails Discussing Public Business–

Trenton, NJ — NJGOP Chairman Tom Wilson issued the following statement today:

?Jon Corzine wants people to trust him. Trust is something that?s earned and at every turn, Governor Corzine?s failure to be candid and comprehensive about the nature of his financial relationship with Carla Katz has given people no reason to trust him. The only way he?ll earn anyone?s trust when it comes to his financial relationship with Carla Katz is to come clean and provide facts.

The Times makes a number of assertions that raise some very serious and troubling questions. They write that Ms. Katz ?threatened? to hold a news conference that would embarrass Mr. Corzine when he became the leading candidate to replace Jim McGreevey. They go on to state that a financial package was negotiated over the next three months that is valued at over $6 million and that the timeline for paying off that arrangement was to span over a number of years.

The timeline established by the NY Times leaves little room to conclude anything other than that candidate Corzine paid Ms. Katz $6 million to keep her silent and that the payout schedule was designed to give her the appropriate incentive to keep quiet. If that?s true, Governor Corzine would have no choice but to resign immediately.

If it?s not true, then the Governor should be outraged enough to finally provide the details necessary to restore public faith in him. His assurances, with all due respect, just don?t cut the mustard. Neither do his claims that the relationship between a sitting Governor and the President of the largest public employee union in the state is ?private.?

There is no such thing as a ?private? relationship between the Governor and the head of the largest public employee union in the state. Today?s New York Times? story, as well as the findings of the Governor?s own ethics advisory group, confirm that Governor Corzine and CWA President Carla Katz used private accounts to exchange emails discussing public business. Whenever public business is discussed, the public has a right to see it. The Open Public Records Council has ruled on this question before, but the Governor seems to think he?s above the law. We?re not going to let Corzine thumb his nose at the law and the people of New Jersey any longer. Next week, we?re filing suit to make him live by the same rules as everyone else.?


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