GOP Chair asks if Kurkowski is running for the Duma

Atlantic County Republican Keith Davis today called on Democrat Congressional candidate Dave Kurkowski to answer whether he is really intent on running in the Second District after it was discovered that photographs on his newly launched webpage — — appear to be of the Himalayan Mountains, Red Square and the Siberian Express railroad.

?When Kurkowski announced his candidacy, maybe he meant he was running for a seat in the Russian Duma or the Nepal Parliament,? Davis said. ?With plenty of picturesque backdrops in the Second Congressional district — like the Ocean City shoreline, Salem County?s farmlands and the Pinelands, it?s incredible that Mr. Kurkowski is featuring photos of places where it appears to be 10 degress below and 23,000 feet high. In case Mr. Kurkowski hasn?t noticed, it?s pretty flat here in South Jersey and the average temperature is about 52 degrees.

?The fact that Kurkowski?s webpage doesn?t include any scenery from South Jersey raises the issue as to whether the Democrats are putting him forth as serious candidate for office,? said Davis. ?Being a Congressman is a serious job and our own Congressman Frank LoBiondo has demonstrated that he has the work ethic and leadership skills necessary to continue to represent this district by delivering real results.

?I will grant Mr. Kurkowski this: Congressman LoBiondo hasn?t done much to preserve the Arctic Ocean shoreline in Siberia,? Davis conceded. ?But he has provided federal resources for beach replenishment here in South Jersey, he?s invested in the Coast Guard and he?s spearheaded efforts to establish a new tech park adjacent to the FAA Technical Center.

?If it wasn?t clear before, it certainly is now: there?s no contest, Frank LoBiondo deserves reelection.?

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