As pre-election reports are due, Freeholders Jim Curcio and Frank Giordano ask why Governor Jon Corzine has not enacted the kind of tough pay-to-play reforms statewide like Atlantic County has done.

?Governor Corzine campaigned on this issue and promised to clean up state government,? said Freeholder Jim Curcio. ?We have yet to see any improvement on the issue and it has, in fact, become even worse with over 30 elected officials being arrested under corruptions charges as recently as a few months ago. Democrats in the legislature have dragged their feet on prohibiting the shameful practice of dual office holding while the Governor has done nothing. Governor Corzine needs to make good on his campaign promises.?

?He could start by looking at the leadership in Atlantic County where we have the toughest pay-to-play laws in the state,? noted Freeholder Frank Giordano. ?Thanks to the Republican controlled Freeholder Board and County Executive Dennis Levinson, any business or entity with county contracts cannot give more than $300 per election cycle to county candidate.?

?It is time to stop talking about reform and start taking action. New Jersey needs a Governor that is willing to tackle these issues. Either Jon Corzine is not willing to make the tough choices or he is not capable of it. Either way, we need a change,? Giordano concluded.


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