Freeholder Candidate Frank Formica today called on his Democratic opponent, John Devlin, to give full disclosure to the voters of Atlantic County about his membership on the oftentimes unruly, high taxing Atlantic City School Board.

?Let?s be honest with the residents of Atlantic County. When you look at John Devlin?s biography on his campaign literature you learn about everything but the one job he was elected to: member of the Atlantic City School Board,? said Formica. ?Why is Devlin intentionally misleading residents about his record by failing to reveal his membership on the Board?

?Perhaps it?s because spending has increased on the school board by $41 million since Devlin has been there. Or maybe it is because property taxes have increased by over $19 million since he has been on the Board. But it could also be because Devlin just refused to vote against a 25% tuition hike on taxpayers in Brigantine, Ventnor, Margate and Longport,? said Formica. ?Either way, Atlantic County residents deserve to know who they are voting for and I am today asking my opponent to disclose that he is a current member of the Atlantic City School Board.?


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