Estabrook: It’s Time To Restore Fiscal Discipline In Trenton And Washington — Urges Lautenberg to oppose plan to dramatically raise tolls

Monmouth County, NJ ? In response to Governor Corzine’s State of the State address yesterday Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Anne Estabrook issued the following statement today:

“Yesterday Governor Corzine laid out a plan that will make New Jersey more unaffordable. Higher tolls and increased debt will not be welcome changes to the people of New Jersey.” said GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Anne Estabrook. “Leaders in Trenton and in Washington need to rein in spending and restore fiscal discipline, not raise tolls exponentially and explode debt.”

“I urge Senator Lautenberg to speak out and oppose Governor Corzine’s plan to dramatically raise tolls and join the fight to make New Jersey more affordable,” Estabrook said. “This ‘monetization’ plan is a bad idea and will only continue to fuel the exodus of residents fleeing our state.”

Anne Evans Estabrook
Estabrook for Senate

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