– Past State Chamber of Commerce Chairman & GOP Candidate for U.S. Senate to Build Business Coalition in Opposition to Plan, Launches Website –

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and past Chairman of the New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce Anne Estabrook today joined Steve Lonegan, Executive Director of Americans for Prosperity and former Mayor of Bogota, at a Statehouse press conference to discuss their opposition to Governor Corzine’s “fiscal restructuring” plan.

“Our state is facing a severe affordability crisis,” said GOP U.S. Senate candidate Anne Estabrook. “The Governor’s plan will put our state into more debt, raise tolls significantly and obligate future generations to pay it back. That is fiscally irresponsible.”

Lonegan has been on the front lines in organizing opposition to the Governor’s plan. At the press conference today, Estabrook joined with Lonegan in building a coalition of businesses who oppose the plan.
“Anne brings a myriad of business credentials and contacts to our effort to put our state’s fiscal house in order,” Lonegan said. “As past state Chamber chairman and a leading New Jersey business owner, Anne’s opposition to the Corzine $38 Billion Borrowing and Toll Hike scheme is not only significant but shows that both Chamber members and the business community as a whole are far from united behind the Governor’s 75 year highway giveaway.”

According to Estabrook, the Governor’s plan is so devastating for New Jerseyans she has made opposing it part of her campaign for U.S. Senate. Today she announced that her campaign has launched TV ads and a website,, to raise awareness and to get people involved in opposing the plan.

“Every candidate running for public office needs to have a position on this issue,” Estabrook said. “Whether it is in Washington or Trenton, we should be looking at both sides of the ledger. We need to cut spending first.”


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