State Senator Sonny McCullough today said current legislators should not be exempted from a bill banning dual office holding, under a bill poised to pass the Senate.

?The bill should prohibit all members of the State Senate and General Assembly from holding another political office once it takes effect. Period,? said McCullough. ?Legislation to ban dual office holding should not create a dual standard. It should not be watered down.?

The terms of the bill, S-18, would allow current members of the Legislature to retain any local office they are also currently holding. However, McCullough is the sponsor of a bill, S-70, which bans dual office holding but does not exempt current members of the Legislature.

?I believe in fairness. The law should apply to everyone, whether it?s equally applying spending caps for municipalities and the state or in the case of dual office holding,? said McCullough. ?The Legislature cannot pass a law for everyone, but themselves. That is why my bill is the better way to go.?

McCullough added he saw no practical reason why current members of the Legislature should not step down from their local offices to serve full time as State Senators or Assembly members.

?Once I am elected to a full term by the people of the Second Legislative District, I will immediately step down as mayor of Egg Harbor Township,? said McCullough. ?I see no reason why any legislation should exempt current legislators from this same standard.?

McCullough hopes to see his bill pass, but is willing to see any other bill amended accordingly.

?If the Legislature is going to ban dual office holding, it needs to do it right,? said McCullough.


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