A Statement by the non-partisan Women?s Political Caucus of New Jersey
on recent comments by Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Pat D?Arcy:

?Tonight, men and women throughout New Jersey will gather to celebrate the accomplishments of two outstanding women legislators — Senator Barbara Buono and Assemblywoman Charlotte Vandervalk ? at the annual Barbara Boggs Sigmund Awards.

Those who knew Mayor Sigmund can attest that she was a woman of great courage and action. She relied on her intellect, moral compass, sense of humor and fair play to advance her career in politics. Her appeal to her constituents ? both men and women ? was predicated on those values.

That?s why it?s disappointing to learn that there are still some people who just don?t get it!

Recent comments made by Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Pat D?Arcy underscore the need for more education about women in politics. We don?t agree with Mr. D?Arcy that women should vote for his party’s 2nd Legislative District Assembly candidates because “they’re good-looking men.” In fact, we take exception to the comment, as it demeans women and trivializes the electoral process.

The mission of the Women?s Political Caucus of New Jersey is primarily to level the playing field in politics. And, over the years, we?ve made great strides in electing talented women to public office. The ranks of women legislators have grown over the past several years and 2009 looks particularly promising. That?s why Mr. D?Arcy?s comments are so troubling; they do little to advance the progress of gender equity at the voting booth.

As this campaign moves forward, perhaps Mr. D’Arcy will quickly recognize that women voters actually do have considered opinions about all kinds of issues that affect their families, their careers and their wallets?and they don?t squander their votes on ?good looking men.?

Shari Weiner, Esq.


Hollie Gilroy

Vice President, Membership


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