Democrats Short Change Property Taxpayers

Atlantic County?s Republican legislative candidates today sharply criticized the Democrat Administration and Legislature for ?their total failure to provide stable, long term property tax relief while continuing to run up record debt and spending.?

?The Democrats in Trenton never met a taxpayers? dollar they didn?t want to spend,? said Sen. Sonny McCullough and his Assembly running mates, Vince Polistina and John Amodeo. ?They financed the homestead rebate program by raising the state sales tax, while ignoring proposals to reduce spending by more than $1 billion dollars.?

The Republicans described the pledge by the Governor and the legislative leadership to provide meaningful tax relief as ?empty rhetoric.?

?When all was said and done, the overburdened taxpayers were given another year of homestead rebate checks, and absolutely nothing of significance to rein in spending,? they said. ?What?s worse, the Governor said recently that he was unable to guarantee any property tax relief program for next year, leaving taxpayers empty-handed again.?

McCullough said that Assemblyman Jim Whelan ?was part and parcel of this entire charade and failed to exert any leadership to provide tax relief.?

?By spending the state into near bankruptcy, the Democrats have reduced government to renting a table at a flea market where it hopes to peddle its toll roads to the highest bidder, sell the state lottery, offer naming rights to practically everything it owns, and sell off air rights and billboard space on public property.?

?The property tax squeeze on hardworking, middle class New Jerseyans has reached intolerable levels,? they said. ?And, the Democrat Party?s record shows it is unwilling or incapable of doing anything about it. This is a party which should be tossed out of power and replaced by individuals who can make the difficult decisions, cut spending, rein in government, avoid diving deeper into debt, and lift the crushing tax burden from the backs of New Jerseyans.?


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