Former Atlantic County Republican chairman Ken LeFevre said today that by pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into the legislative campaigns in Atlantic and Cape May counties, ? Democrat bosses from outside the region are making a mockery of the demand by their own Governor that the practice of wheeling campaign contributions be halted.?

LeFevre said the Governor, in his ?State of the State?
address to the Legislature in January, called for a ban on wheeling — the practice of sending huge sums of cash from one county organization to another.

?In the past few days, news reports have revealed that bosses in Camden and Essex counties in particular have committed in excess of one million dollars to Democrat candidates in Atlantic and Cape May,? he said. ?Their desire to hold onto power is more important to them than heeding the request by the leader of their own party. There?s more wheeling going on here than in a six-day bicycle race.?

?It?s been documented that the outside cash has been contributed in violation of the legal limits on donations, but that hasn?t stopped the money flow,? he said. ?The hunger for power is so overwhelming that these bosses don?t fear any consequence from the illegality of their acts.?

?If the Governor was sincere in his call to the Legislature ten months ago, he can condemn the actions of the power brokers of his own party or he can fold in the face of their arrogance,? LeFevre said. ?Which will it be, Governor? You can permit the corruption of the campaign finance system to continue unchecked or you can return to the time when wheeling was a town in West Virginia.?

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