Democrat becomes Republican in Hamilton Township

March 25, 2007

Citing the need to restore integrity and end corruption in politics and government, Roger Silva, a former Democrat candidate, announced he has joined the Republican Party.

?I believe in honest, open government and elected officials who do the very best they can for their community and its residents. In the last year, I saw less of this philosophy within the local Democrat party and more of this with the Republicans? states Silva.

Asked if his ?switch? was a hard decision, Silva responds, ?Look, I have friends on both sides of the fence. My party choice is a personal one and it was a decision I thought long and hard about. It?s all about the people. Being a leader means doing the right thing, even when it is not popular. I?ve left the Democrat party because I don?t believe they are doing right by the residents of Hamilton Township and, as a result, our community is suffering? he continued. ?I want more and I want better for Hamilton Township. I made a choice for change and to affect change for my community.?

?The Atlantic County Republican Party stands for clean government and clean elections,? states Republican County Chairman Keith Davis. ?Roger Silva is a man of principle. He joined the party that shares his values.?

Silva was a Democrat candidate for Hamilton Township in 2006. He dropped out of the race early when he noted some questionable strategies employed by the local Democrat leadership.

?It became clear last year that the certain local Democrat Party leaders were not going to do right by the people of Hamilton Township, and I could not in good conscience run on that ticket. Since last summer, I found the local Republican Party and I have a lot in common on the issues,? said Silva. ?I?m enthused by the reception I?ve received by the Republicans and I hope to join forces with other good people who are committed to doing the absolute best for our community because at the end of the day, we?ve all got a stake in our town and we need it to be a place we believe in with leaders with respect and trust? he states. ?I?m proud to be a Republican and proud to work hard to bring that kind of government to Hamilton Township.?

Committeeman Charlie Pritchard is one of the first to applaud Silva. ?We gladly welcome Roger Silva into our party,? remarks Hamilton Township Committeeman Charlie Pritchard. ?We?ve admired him from across the aisle for some time. He believes in open, honest government and in truly representing his constituents. What I appreciate most is the fact that Roger has the courage of his convictions. He?s a good man and will be an asset to our Party. I hope more folks of his character will follow his lead. Our door is always open.?

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