Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis today criticized Matt Milam for taking up the legislature?s time with his personal transgression and urged him to work instead for the general public on balancing the state budget and creating a tax climate that will create new jobs.

Earlier this month, Milam pleaded guilty and was forced to pay a $256 fine for illegally parking in a Millville handicapped space. He recently announced that he plans on sponsoring legislation to ensure that no one makes the same ?mistake? he did by requiring towns to regularly maintain handicap parking spaces. But as the Millville city engineer recently said: ?I don’t know what he’s trying to accomplish. There are standards.? The Press of Atlantic City subsequently labeled Assemblyman Matt Milam?s introduction of new legislation as ?offensive? and ?unnecessary? in yesterday’s edition.

?This is nothing other than special legislation designed to deflect attention away from Assemblyman Milam?s own violation of the law,? Davis said. ?Instead of proceeding with a trial to explain his position, Milam pleaded guilty and paid a fine, admitting his wrongdoing. If introduced, this legislation would be frivolous, unnecessary, and as the Press of Atlantic said yesterday ?a colossal waste of the Legislature?s time and energy.?

?Instead of wasting time on his pet issue, Assemblyman Milam should be working on coming up with solutions for the thousands of South Jersey residents who are struggling to make ends meet,? said Davis. ?If Assemblyman Milam does proceed with the introduction of his bill, I only hope that his colleague in District 1, Assemblyman Nelson Albano refuses to co-sponsor the legislation.

?As the Press of Atlantic City aptly stated, if Milam or one of his constituents ?stubbed a toe on a sidewalk while wearing flip-flops, the next day [he?d] be sponsoring a bill rewriting the specifications for concrete sidewalks and mandating that flip-flops sold in New Jersey come with toe protection.?

?Legislation should only be introduced if it is absolutely necessary and should never be used as a publicity stunt to cover up personal misdeeds.?


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