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Atlantic County Democrats are selling out working families by endorsing pro-North Jersey Casino gubernatorial candidate

Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis today called on Atlantic County Democrats to rescind their endorsement of pro-North Jersey casino backer and Goldman Sachs financier Phil Murphy.  County Democrats will reconvene their convention tomorrow night after a debacle of a meeting last week which took over seven hours and failed to result in a second assembly candidate.


“It’s bad enough that the Democrats renominated Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo who has repeatedly flirted with supporting North Jersey casinos, calling them ‘inevitable’ and whiting out his name from a resolution opposing them,” said Davis. “But Atlantic County Democrats are now showing their true colors by supporting a candidate for Governor who is a supporter of North Jersey casinos.”


Numerous studies show that if North Jersey casinos come on line, it will lead to massive job losses in Atlantic City and the region, less economic growth and more stagnation.


“Politics shouldn’t be about advancing Phil Murphy’s political ambitions. It should be about protecting Atlantic County working families. Everyone knows that North Jersey casinos will lead to more unemployment in our region, yet Atlantic County’s Democrats are getting behind one of the chief supporters of the concept: Phil Murphy.


“No Atlantic County political party should be endorsing any candidate for Governor which supports North Jersey casinos. If the Democratic Party is serious about creating and not killing jobs in our region, they will stand up for Atlantic County working families and retract their endorsement of Phil Murphy and North Jersey casinos tomorrow night.”



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