Calls by Atlantic City Democratic Leader Bob McDevitt to enact tough pay-to-play reforms in Atlantic City to curtail exorbitant contributions by potential contractors and political committees were met with glad cooperation by Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis today.

?In a spirit of bipartisanship, I take my hat off to the Democratic leadership?s call for tough pay-to-play reforms in Atlantic City. I was very pleased to read this morning that the local Democratic leadership is committed to pay-to-play reform here,? said Davis. ?Corruption has swirled around Atlantic City for decades and honest government has been an elusive concept in the resort community. But a tough ordinance modeled on the Atlantic County pay-to-play ordinance is exactly what will deliver clean and good government to the taxpayers of Atlantic City. They deserve nothing less.?

In 2007, Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson worked with the non-partisan Citizens Campaign to put forth the toughest pay-to-play ban in the entire State of New Jersey. The ordinance was adopted by the Freeholder Board unanimously, with both the Republican and Democratic county party chairmen endorsing the concept and both Democratic and Republican Board members voting in favor of it. It has been hailed as a model for good government and clean elections in every corner of the state.

?Atlantic City needs to stand up and enact these tough reforms to clean out the stench of corruption that has hung over it for far too long,? Davis said. ?We?re tired of bogus political committees that are designed to funnel campaign cash into local candidates? coffers and circumvent pay-to-play limits. We need the kind of legislation called for by Leader McDevitt in Atlantic City to ensure that campaign contributions don?t control council members? actions. His leadership on this issue is commendable.

?Nucky Johnson would roll over in his grave if he knew that Atlantic City would cut itself off from campaign cash from contractors and political committees. But it?s clearly the right thing to do.?


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