Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis today released the following statement concerning Governor Jon Corzine?s recent radio ad aimed at South Jersey voters.

?There?s a reason why no major South Jersey newspapers have endorsed Jon Corzine for reelection: he?s been an economic disaster for our region. That?s why in his ad Corzine had to cross the Delaware River to find a newspaper that would support him.

?Jon Corzine shut down the casino industry three years ago because he couldn?t manage government within his own party. The state government shut down and the casinos along with it, throwing thousands out of work and throwing away millions in lost tax revenue.

?Then shortly after the casino shutdown, Corzine told the Press of Atlantic City that it would be ?acceptable? to have slot machines in North Jersey race tracks to compete with gaming in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Corzine?s ideas on racetrack slots is a South Jersey job-killer and that?s why no major newspaper in our region can support him.

?Corzine?s radio ad says ?even North Jersey newspapers write that Governor Corzine is committed to Atlantic City.? Maybe a bunch of North Jerseyans think Jon Corzine is good for Atlantic City, but in the southern part of the state we know he has raised taxes, raised tolls on the Parkway and Expressway, shut down the casinos, called for racetrack slots and killed South Jersey jobs.

?We need Chris Christie as our governor because he is the only candidate who has consistently opposed slots at North Jersey racetracks, will prevent a casino shutdown from ever happening again and will bring the critical tax relief South Jersey needs to start creating jobs again.?

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