Davis Gets Absentee Ballot Reform Added to RNC Platform

Language in support of efforts by state and local officials to prevent voter fraud and abuse in registration and absentee ballot activities was included in the Republican Party platform by the committee meeting in Minneapolis today at the recommendation of Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith A. Davis, a committee member.

?Instances of fraud and abuse of the absentee ballot system has tainted elections in Atlantic County for several years,? Davis said. ?Election outcomes have been fraudulently influenced and reversed as a result of highly questionable activities involving absentee ballots.?

The language added to the party platform reads:

?We support efforts by state and local election officials to ensure integrity in the voting process and to prevent voter fraud and abuse, particularly as it relates to voter registration and absentee ballots.?

?I am delighted at our party nationally taking a strong stand against the abuse of the electoral system and urging efforts by state and local officials to root it out, eliminate it and take steps to assure it is not repeated,? Davis said.

?Restoring and maintaining the confidence of the people in the election system is crucial,? he said. ?Once confidence in the system by which we choose our leaders vanishes, confidence in government?s ability to serve the people in an honest fashion disappears as well.?


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