In response to Judge Valerie Armstrong?s decision yesterday to side with two Republican members of the Board of Elections to reject 117 absentee ballots that were delivered by two Democratic campaign workers after the 8:00 p.m. election deadline, Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis released the following statement:

?Republican Board Members Lisa Struthers and Maureen Bugdon?s decision to enforce the rule of law and reject over 100 ballots carried in by two Democratic campaign workers after the election was over is commendable and I am glad their decision has now been validated by Judge Armstrong,? said Davis. ?But I am deeply concerned that the two Democratic members ignored the fact that numerous ballots were being delivered by just two people after the election concluded and attempted to have them included.

?In his mayor?s race, it appears that Councilman Marty Small resorted to the same Callaway-style tactics that have led this county into one questionable election after another. The County Democratic hierarchy?s support of Small?s campaign shows that it is not serious about cleaning up the election system,? Davis said. ?With this decision of the Democratic members of the Board of Elections — one of whom previously worked as a Callaway campaign worker — to count 117 late absentee ballots, it is clear that the Democratic Party still refuses to reject the manipulation of our election system through abuse of the absentee ballot.?


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