Davis calls on Whelan to urge Van Drew to drop hold on Plousis nomination

Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis today called upon Senator Jim Whelan to urge his Senate colleague, Jeff Van Drew, to drop his use of Senatorial courtesy against the nomination of James Plousis to the state parole board in order to have his way on another unrelated position.

?Senator Jeff Van Drew is using his opposition to the nomination of the well qualified and widely respected James Plousis to the state parole board as a ?bargaining chip? to coerce the Governor into reappointing Cape May County?s prosecutor for another term,? Davis said. ?The Senator must not know that there is no room in our state for this kind of underhanded ?quid pro quo? politics. He should change his position immediately and allow the nomination of James Plousis to move forward and be voted upon on its merits in time for the next session of the State Senate.

?In 2006, in connection with another prosecutor?s nomination, then-Assemblyman Jim Whelan criticized former Senator Bill Gormley?s threatened use of senatorial courtesy in The Press of Atlantic City:

?Certainly, Senator Gormley can make recommendations to the governor, but to make a public recommendation, coupled with the threat of using senatorial courtesy to block other nominees that may not be to the senator?s liking, is nothing more than an attempt to embarrass Governor Corzine into allowing Senator Gormley to have his way.?

?Senator Whelan was right when he jumped on this issue then and he should be consistent by vigorously opposing Senator Van Drew?s use of the same Senatorial courtesy weapon he is using now so he can have his way.?

Source: Press of Atlantic City, March 3, 2006


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