Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis today called upon Senator Jeff Van Drew to introduce a constitutional amendment to prevent the use of Senatorial courtesy to indefinitely block a gubernatorial nomination.

?It is now clear to everyone that Senator Jeff Van Drew?s continued opposition of James Plousis to the state parole board is nothing more than an exercise in Trenton-style ?quid pro quo? politics so he can get his way on who will be Cape May County?s prosecutor,? Davis said. ?Unfortunately, Senator Van Drew doesn?t seem to have received the message from last year?s election that the people of New Jersey are tired of these kinds of games.

?Even Senator Jim Whelan agrees that senatorial courtesy is a relic of the past. Senator Whelan has rightfully criticized Senatorial courtesy in his public statements and it?s now time to eliminate it entirely.

?But Senator Van Drew can still redeem his reputation by immediately calling for an end to the antiquated and undemocratic Senatorial courtesy procedure by proposing a constitutional amendment to eliminate this underhanded process once and for all.

?Senator Van Drew can still demonstrate his commitment to democracy and fair play in the nomination process by introducing an amendment to the state constitution to end the Senatorial courtesy practice, allowing gubernatorial appointments to be considered in a timely manner. Such an amendment was previously introduced by a former Democratic Senator in the past and it can easily be reintroduced by Senator Van Drew if he has the guts to change the status quo in Trenton and return fairness to the nomination process.

?Everyone recognizes that Jim Plousis is more than qualified to serve on the state parole board and his nomination should move forward immediately. Hopefully Senator Van Drew will realize that too and reject his use of the Senatorial courtesy tool.?

Source: SCR-153, Sponsored by Senator Ellen Karcher and Introduced 12/17/07


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