Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis today called on Assemblyman Matt Milam to clarify comments made to PolitickerNJ that he and his running mate have not supported the Corzine agenda as freshmen Assemblymen in Trenton.

?On every major initiative put forth by Jon Corzine, Nelson Albano and Matt Milam have walked lock-step,? said Davis. ?Milam?s comments to PolitickerNJ that he and Albano do not have a strong relationship with Governor Corzine are a complete fabrication and a futile exercise in revisionist history. Their record shows they?ve been so close to Corzine that you might think they?ve been sleeping on the futon in the Governor?s high rise apartment in Hoboken.

?On the toll road bailout, they rode along with Corzine. On increased taxes and spending, they walked hand-and-hand with Corzine. On increased fees on new business development to pay for low income housing, they hopped on Corzine?s shoulders.

Albano and Milam claim to be independent of Corzine but have both voted for his budgets since taking office. The 2008 budget contained language paving the way for Corzine?s misguided and foolish toll road bailout scheme. Both legislators voted in favor of A-500 in the midst of our state?s most severe economic downturn, imposing a 2.5% development fee on all new commercial development in New Jersey. Albano and Milam have also voted for nearly $1.3 billion in Corzine taxes since taking office.

?The fact is, whenever Milam and Albano had the chance to stand up for South Jersey and show independence from Corzine, they buckled under Corzine?s pressure and voted for every one of his inane policies which have repeatedly punched New Jersey taxpayers in the gut.

?Now is the time for new leaders in District 1, not two rubber stamps for Jon Corzine.?


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