Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis today questioned the motivations behind Governor Jon Corzine?s visit to Atlantic County to attend the swearing-in of one new Democratic freeholder.

?I cannot remember the last time Governor Corzine came to Atlantic County to swear in an elected official. Now that Corzine is running for reelection, suddenly Atlantic County is important to him,? Davis said. ?Quite clearly the Governor is in full campaign-mode and he clearly understands that his standing in Atlantic County is the lowest of any sitting governor since Jim Florio. His visit today is politically motivated and really desperate.?

?But a last minute photo-op at a swearing-in won?t detract from all of the harm caused by the Corzine administration on the working families of Atlantic County,? said Davis. ?With the help of Senators Jeff Van Drew and Jim Whelan, Corzine shut down the casino industry in Atlantic City at the height of the season in 2006, a disastrous public relations fiasco — the repercussions of which are still being felt today.?

?He has signed into law new taxes, increased old taxes, and imposed a development fee on new business creation — all of which are hurting our county?s economy in the middle of a recession,? said Davis. ?Corzine may like to go on CNBC to tell everyone how smart he is on financial issues, but we sure haven?t seen any of that intelligence in how Corzine has conducted himself as Governor for the past four years.?

?The only good that can come out of Corzine?s visit to Atlantic County is that he might have the wisdom to look at how Atlantic County Government operates under Republican leadership and take those principles with him back to Trenton,? Davis remarked. ?With County Executive Dennis Levinson and a Republican Freeholder Board, county debt levels have been reduced and the county tax rate has been cut in half. If Corzine stuck to the same fiscal restraint shown here in Atlantic County, New Jersey would be in much better shape than it is under his job-killing economic policies.?


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