Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis today called on Governor Jon Corzine to make Hammonton’s Kessler Hospital the recipient of his next charitable contribution.

Davis is asking the Governor to use his vast financial resources to keep Kessler’s doors open, pointing out that over the last nine years Corzine’s private foundation has contributed over $48 million to various causes including the Clinton Global Initiative, and to support churches, schools, and other healthcare facilities as far away as Connecticut.

“The governor has the ability to truly make a difference in the lives of the thousands of residents who depend on Kessler for their emergency medical needs,” said Davis.

If Kessler does not receive at least the $1.5 million needed to sustain its operations then it is becoming increasingly likely that it will be forced to permanently close its doors just days from now.

“The ball is clearly in the Governor’s court, and I am hoping he will do the right thing,” said Davis.


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